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Over the last few months we’ve been in the process of creating and developing an advanced website.

So what’s different?

We have updated our content by adding in profiles of each of our employees and instructors, to give you the opportunity to meet the team.

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The Health and Safety Executive has released its statistics for 2015 relating to workplace injury and ill health.

In 2015, The Health and Safety Executive released statistics relating to workplace injury and ill health.

From the results, 142 workers were killed in 2014/15 and there were 611,000 injuries in the workplace.

Bon-Accord Training is here to prevent these accidents within yards, construction sites and high risk operating environments.

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At Bon-Accord Training we strive to make safety first.

Recently the Health and Safety Executive carried out research into the wearing of seat belts whilst operating Forward Tipping Dumpers. The report issued, details their findings and how to improve seat belt awareness. From this, one of the recommendations given is that companies could do more at site level to monitor and enforce the wearing of seatbelts.

All of Bon-Accord Training’s instructors make those aware, who attend the courses, that wearing seat belts whilst operating mechanical machinery is paramount.

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How One Man Went From The Forces To Family Firm

Iain Sanderson (Senior Instructor / Technical Director)

Once a Sapper, always a Sapper

When leaving the Army in 2000, Iain Sanderson wondered how he would transfer his skills into an alternative working environment.

A qualified civil engineer, Iain spent five years in the Army as a Royal Engineer based in Cambridge. Iain has always had a passion for plant and machinery and so when he was able to spend an extensive period of time learning the complete ins and outs of heavy machinery and plant equipment, to say he was in his element was an understatement.

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